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Recent Films include

Toff Guys
Coach Films Uk Ltd 2019
Womens wear alterations
Come Away
Come Away films 2018
Period dresses and children's clothes
Rocket Pictures 2018
Air hostess jacket and hat
Pioneer Stillking Radioactive Kft 2018
Radium dancers in the style of Loie Fuller
King Lear
Playground TV 2017
Outfits for Emma Thompson
The Current Wars
Current Films UK Ltd 2017
Costumes for Katherine Waterston
The Children Act
TCA Productions Ltd 2016
Green dress for Emma Thompson
Victoria and Abdul
Phenomenon Pictures Ltd 2016
Mrs Karim and Mrs Karim's mother's outfits
Queen Victoria's Death Robe for Judi Dench
The Limehouse Golem
Number 9 Films 2015
Victorian dresses for Lizzie (Olivia Cooke)
Maid's costume and Trapeze artist outfit for Avaline
Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Dead Men Tell No Tales - Sparrow Films Inc 2014
Coats, shirts, waistcoats and breeches for Gibbs and Scrum
Hermes Space Industries 2014
Space suit, hats and gloves
Still Waters
Still Waters the Movie 2013
3 x Wool/leather jackets
The Fast and the Furious
Fast Productions Ltd 2012
Stunt jackets
Wildkite Ltd 2012
Medical uniforms, 'coma suit' for Josh Hartnett
Railway Man
Archer Street Productions 2012
Dress for Nicole Kidman
All Things to All Men
Cipher Films 2011
Heist Suits for Toby Stevens and Julian Sands
The Wee Man
Carnaby International  2011
Dresses for Rita Tushingham and Clare Grogan
Velocity Prods 2011
Nasa gravity suits for Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
Gulliver's Travels
Fox UK Prodns Ltd 2009
Prince August suits, regal gowns for Billy Connolly and Catherine Tate
Lesbian Vampire Killers
Skyline (LVK) Ltd 2008
Vampire troupe silk dresses/shrouds, leather trousers and waistcoat
Lunar Industries Ltd 2008
Spacesuits for Sam Rockwell
The Bank Job
Skyline (Baker Street) Ltd 2007
Bridesmaid dresses, kids clothes, kaftans, trousers
A Mighty Heart
Dallington 2006
Garments for Angelina Jolie
Harry Potter - The order of the Phoenix
VPH Ltd. 2006
Trousers for baddies and inhouse assistance
Marv Films 2006
Coronation gowns for Clair Danes and Charlie Cox. Frockcoat for Charlie Cox. Quartus and sextus outfits for Julian Rhind Tutt and David Walliams.
It's Now Films 2005
Outfits for Catherine Tate and 'Mrs Shivers'
The Thread
Sacred Weave Ltd 2005
Dresses for Andrea Corrs
Kinky Boots
Boot Productns Ltd 2005
Leather transvestite jacket, corsets and dance outfits, complete transvestite fashion show outfits
C/O Contemporary Wardrobe 2004
1960's suits, shirts, leather jacket, velvet trousers, swim trunks for Brian Jones
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Mostly Harmless Prods 2004
Appleman, amazonian woman, hairy bottom creature suits, blockhead man suit, various linen suits and maroon overcoat
Beyond the Sea
1950s shirts for Kevin Spacey and Bob Hoskins
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
Labrador Films 2003
Nero jacket and safari suit for Geoffrey Rush. Suede shirt for Jon Lithgow
Bright Young Things
Bright Young Films Ltd 2002
1930s angel costumes
Anita and Me
Anita Productions 2001
Children's costumes and outfits for Kathy Burke and Max Beesley
Charlotte Gray
C/O Cosprop 2001
Corduroy jackets for Billy Crudup
Me Without You
Dakota Films 2000
Outfits for Anna Friel and Trudi Styler
102 Dalmatians
Cruella Productions Inc 1999
Silk suit, queens velvet fur trimmed gown
Blow Dry
West Eleven Films 1999
Fantasy Wedding Dress, Leopard Skin Dress, Snow Queen Fur coat, 50's floral dress shirts for Alan Rickman
20th Century Fox Productions 1998
Hawaiian shirts for Ving Rhames
Lost Sons
Scala Productions 1998
Tailored suits & coats for Daniel Auteuil
Girls' Night
Granada Films 1997
Suede western fringe jackets for Julie Walters & Brenda Blethyn

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Recent Television Includes

The Capture
HTVP Ltd 2019
Outfits for Holliday Granger
Victoria Series 3
Mammoth Productions 2018
Dresses for Jenna Coleman - Victoria
Hold the Sunset
BBC Comedy 2018
Wedding dress for Alison Steadman
Good Omens
BBC Comedy Prdns Ltd 2017
Nun's habits, bibs and wimples and cape for Miranda Richardson
The Nightly Show
Second Act Productions 2017
Robbie Williams costume for John Bishop
Dr Who
BBC Wales 2016/2017
Movellan costumes, Regency outfits, Dive suits, Waterman's jackets, Ghost superhero, Spacesuits
Mammoth Screen Ltd 2015/2016/2017/2018
1830/40's dresses for Victoria, Lady Emma Portman and Duchess of Kent
Mr Selfridge
Mr Selfridge Ltd 2015
Dresses for Dolly Sisters, Lady May & Tatiana
From the Cradle to the Grave
ITV Cradle Ltd 2015
Wedding dress for Sharon, mother and bridesmaids. Tracksuit and Ref outfit & shirt for Spud
Brown Eyed Boy Ltd 2015
Dress for Frances De La Tour
Mr Selfridge
ITV Mr Selfridge Ltd 2014
Dresses for Rosalie Selfridge, Nancy and Violette, Make up gowns & kimonos
Marrying Mum and Dad
CBBC 2014
Formula One wedding dress & groom outfit alterations
Midsomer Murders
Bentley Productions Ltd 2014/2015/2017
Rose Dress, pagan Robes, duster coat, tabards and suit alterations
TCFTV UK Prdns 2014
Ladies black wool coat
Black Sails
Black Sails UK Ltd 2013
18th century dresses, coats, gillets and chemises
Inside No.9
BBC Comedy 2013
Gothic silk suit for Helen McCrory
An Adventure in Space and Time
BBC Wales 2013
1960's dresses and suits for verity (Jessica Raine)
The Hour
Kudos Television 2010/11
1950's suits, dresses and ball gowns for Romola Garai
Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy
Secret Peter Ltd 2011
Embroidered suit and trousers for Noel Fielding and garments for other characters
ITV studios 2011
Dresses, skirts and shirts for Brenda Blethyn
Mount Pleasant
Tiger Aspect 2011
Red silk suit for Pauline Collins
Mo - The story of Mo Mowlam
ITV Belfast 2009
3 suits for Mo Mowlam character (Julie Walters)
Great Meadow 'Margaret' Ltd 2008
Twin set suits, velvet evening gown, beaded jacket and chiffon skirt all for Margaret Thatcher character
The One and Only
Endemol U.K. 2008
Costumes for Lookalikes; Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross and series winner Dusty Springfield
Ashes to Ashes
Kudos (Ashes) Ltd 2007/08/09
Tops, skirts, dresses and jackets for Keeley Hawes
Vivienne Vyle
BBC 2007
Outfits for Jennifer Saunders and Miranda Richardson
French & Saunders
BBC 2007
Coats, tops and trousers for Dawn French
The Mighty Boosh
Baby Cow Productions 2007
Suit, waistcoat and trousers
Ashes to Ashes
Kudos (Ashes) Ltd 2007
Swing coat, dresses, batwing blouses, skirts
Housewife 49
ITV prodns 2006
W.V.S. dress and siren suit for Victoria Wood
Granada Television 2006
Outfits for Lindsay Duncan
Mighty Boosh
Baby Cow Productions 2005
Gram Parsons style western suit, leather jacket, chiffon 2 piece, multifunctional suit, Jazz outfits, snakeskin leather pants and fringe waistcoat.
Hotel Babylon
Carnival Films Ltd 2005/06
Waiter jackets, doorman, bellboy, concierge, barman and receptionists outfits
Kudos film and television 2004/06
African robes and wonder woman outfit
Spooks Ltd 2006/07/08
Hairy coat, lycra dresses, trousers, jackets and air hostess shirts.
The Queen's Sister
Touch Paper Television 2005
1950's & 60's beaded and chiffon dresses, day dresses and suits for Margaret
The Long Firm
BBC drama 2004
Beaded and chiffon 1960's cocktail dresses, Judy Garland style evening dress
Stars in their eyes (& Celebrity)
Granada Television 2000/01/02/03/04/05/06
Shirley Bassey, Peggy Lee, Vera Lynn, Annie Lennox, Julie London, Debbie Harry, Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe, Emma Bunton, Gloria Gaynor, Dolly Parton, Sade
French and Saunders
BBC Comedy 2002/03/04
Lord of the rings costumes including Gandolf robe & cloak, Galadriel style dress, Saruman robe.
Porn star negligees, hippy outfit, pregnancy dress, rap outfit etc
The Kumars at No.42
Hat Trick Prods 2002 / 03/ 04
Various outfits for Indira Joshi and Sanjeev Bhaskar
Lenny Henry 'In pieces'
Tiger Aspect Productions 2000/01/02 /04
Motorbike suit, old man's outfits, adult nappy, comedy octopus costume. 'Bling' pope and Ivan's mum outfits. 50 Cent, Gabriel, Lenny Kravitz, black eyed peas dancer costumes, Dangerous Dude.
Absolutely Fabulous
BBC Comedy 2001/02/03
Trousers, shorts, blouse and poncho for Edina (Jennifer Saunders).PVC Booberella cat suit & 60's dress for Patsy (Joanna Lumley).French revolution, Teletubbie & Futurist. costumes for Bubble (Jane Horrocks)
Ted & Alice
Granada Television 2001
Outfits for Dawn French
Crime and Punishment
BBC Drama 2001
19th Century dresses and church outfits
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) II
Ghost Productions 2001
Coats, suits and dresses for Emelia Fox, Dervla Kirwan and Tina Turkova, shirts for Derek Jacobi, racing driver suit
The Cazalets
BBC Drama 2000
1930's Lady's day suit, 1930's chiffon ballgown's, gent's cord jacket
Let Them Eat Cake
Tiger Aspect Productions 1999
C18 Dresses for Alison Steadman & Jennifer Saunders
Goodnight Sweetheart
Alamo Productions 1997
1940s wedding dress & separates

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Recent Theatre Includes

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Train Times Production Melbourne, Australia 2018
Umbridge and Dumbledore outfits
Nutcracker Ballet
Tivoli Denmark 2018
Harlequin Dress
Black and White Musical
Symphonya Kuwait 2018
Show dance dresses
The Chalk Garden
Chichester Festival Theatre 2018
1950's swing coats and dresses
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Broadway
The Train Times Broadway 2017/2018
Broadway Dumbledore cloak and Umbridge outfit
Royal Shakespeare Company 2018
Outfit for Gertrude
Barber of Seville
Glyndebourne Opera 2017
Green guard's uniform
La Clemenza Di Tito
Glyndebourne Opera 2017
20 x ladies black wool suits
Les Enfants Terribles
Royal Opera House 2017
1950's wool dress and petticoat
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
HP West End Ltd 2016/2017
Dumbledore's velvet Cloak, Umbridge outfit
Pride and Prejudice
Regents Park Open Air Theatre 2016
Dress & nightrobe for Mrs Bennett, dress & cloak for Mrs Gardiner, dress for Charlotte
Much ado about Nothing
Chichester Festival Theatre 2016
4 Outfits for Beatrice
Funny Girl
Savoy Theatre 2016
Menier Chocolate Factory 2015
Dresses for Sheridan Smith and ensemble girls
Young Chekhov (Ivanov)
Chichester Festival Theatre 2015
1890's dresses for Emma Amos (Babakina) and Lucy Briers (Zinaida)
C/o JK Dressage 2015
Dresses for Dusty Springfield, Lana Girls and ensemble
Oh What A Lovely War
Oh What A Lovely War Ltd 2015
Pierrot outfits
Spamalot Tour
Ambassadors Theatre Group 2015
Coat for Herbert, Patsy outfit, not dead fred tunic & minstrel coats
Sister Act Brazil
T4F Entertainments 2014
Nun's tabbards, sequin surplice
Blithe Spirits
High Spirits Ltd 2014
1930s bias cut dress & swing jacket
Chichester Festival Theatre 2014
Dresses for Zoe Wanamaker & Linda Baron
Lest we Forget
Stevie Stewart - Russell Maliphant/English National ballet 2014
World war1 inspired army jackets
Chichester Festival Theatre 2014
18th Century bodices, skirts & aprons
Ambassadors Theatre Group 2013
Coat for King Arthur, Sir Bedevere, Galahad, Sir Robin, Lancelot and outfit for 'Patsy'
Mathew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
New Adventures Ltd 2012/13/14/15
Maid/ nanny outfit
Chorus Line
ACL London Ltd 2013
Ladies finale waistcoats
Raymond Gubbay Ltd 2012
Slave and dancer dresses
Singing in the Rain
Stage Entertainment 2012
Beautiful Girls costumes, 20's coats for Zelda and Olga and dresses for Lina
South Downs - The Browning Version
Playful Productions 2012
1940's suit for Anna Chancellor
Ambassadors Theatre Group 2012
Coats for Sir Belvedere, Prince Albert, King Arthur, Gallahad, Sir Robyn, Lancelot. Laker girl costumes
Arturo Ui
Chichester Festival Theatre 2012
1930's dresses
South Pacific
Ambassadors 2011/12
1940's swimwear and sarong trousers,'Bloody Mary' Kimonos
Sister Act - Hamburg, Paris,New York, Vienna, Stuttgart, Amsterdam
Stage Ents 2010/11/12/13
Nun's tabards, pyjamas, choir boy robes, monsignor's cape, Shank Pope cloak and Pope's robes
Ambassadors 2011
King Arthur costume for Phil Jupitus
Singing in the rain
Chichester Festival Theatre 2011
20's/30's dresses and coats
Ambassadors Theatre Group 2010
Monk and Nun costumes and cloaks for 'The Knights of Ni'
Sister Act
Stage Entertainment Ltd 2009/10
Nun's tabards, Nun's nightwear
Grapes of Wrath
Chichester Festival Theatre 2009
Ladies' and childrens' 1930's dresses and aprons
French and Saunders
Phil McIntyre 2008
Long waisted trousers and Jackie Collins outfit for 'Still Alive' tour 2008
Buddy Musical Prods 2007/08
Pink and blue satin 1950s dresses
Les Miserables (Broadway)
C/o Costume Studio 2007
Policeman and constable period coats
Sleeping Beauty
Royal Opera House 2006
'Friends' tutus and period jacket
Queen of Spades
Royal Opera House 2006
Frock coats, breeches and waistcoat
Mathew Bourne's Swan Lake and Highland fling
Sadlers Wells 2004/06
Italian and German princess outfits
La Boheme
Royal Opera House 2005
Victorian dress and military jacket
Mathew Bourne's Swan Lake and Highland fling
Sadlers Wells 2005
Tartan dresses, capri pants, organza blouses, PVC macs, lace and fur jackets
Old Vic Prodns 2004/05
Chinese kimonos, hanky and panky outfits
Singing In the Rain
Leicester Haymarket theatre 2004
Black beaded 'Olga Mara'1920's dress , peach beaded evening dress, day dresses and 1920's wool coat
Tonight's the Night
The Rod Stewart Musical 2003
Sailors outfits, hot legs dresses, baby Jane day dress, waiter jackets.
Romeo and Juliet
English Touring theatre 2003
1950's style day, evening & wedding dresses for Juliet and day dress for nurse
King Lear
English Touring Theatre 2002
Regan and Goneril - 17th century corsets and skirts
Romeo and Juliet
Chichester Festival Theatre 2002
Lady Montague, Lady Capulet, Paris, Tybalt and Peter traditional period costumes
My one and only
Ambassadors Theatre 2002
Hareem outfits, policewomen's suit, 1930's evening gown, chiffon dresses, 1930's trousers and blouse
South Pacific
Royal National Theatre 2001
1940's Beachwear outfits, evening gown and Tonkinese jackets
Glyndebourne festival 2000
1940's ladies herringbone suit & overcoat
The Master builder
English Touring Theatre 1999
Edwardian ladies hiking outfit
Divorce Me Darling
Chichester Festival Theatre 1997
1930's ball gowns

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Recent pop / promotions

Mainstage show
Toni and Guy 2018
Fibre optic light dress
Paul McCartney
MPL Ltd 2018
Tour Jackets
Boy George
C/o Stevie Stewart 2018
Red and Blue Tour shirts
Gabriella Swallow
Gabriella Swallow 2017
Black satin gown for album cover and cello recital
Franko B
Performance artist 2015
Gold boxing outfit
Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony
C/O Stevie Stewart 2014
Pink/black corset for Kylie Minogue
Ruby Hughes - Soprano
Ruby Hughes 2013/14
Gowns for Royal Albert Hall/BBC proms concerts.
Howard Morgan - Artist
Howard Morgan 2014
18th century military coats - used as basis for historical painting
Lindsay Seers- Artist
Lindsay Seers 2014
Star of the East fantasy costume
Eve Ferret
Cabaret singer 2013
Neglage gowns
Toni & Guy Hair Show
Toni & Guy 2006/07/08/09/12/13
Hair show couture fantasy costumes - U.K and Germany, fantasy leather/tulle corsets, dresses and skirts
Lizzie Ball (Violinist)
Lizzie Ball 2013
Show /tour outfits - dresses, sequin trousers, tops
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 2013/15
Tour trousers/waistcoat
C/o Stevie Stewart 2013
Drag queen cowgirls, sequin dresses and capes
Leona Lewis
C/o Stevie Stewart 2010/13
Chiffon dress, ruffle skirt, bustier and various costumes for her dancers, 2 x tour dresses
Girls Aloud
C/o Stevie Stewart 2009/13
PVC outfits for pop promo, black corsets
2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony
London 2012 Ceremonies Ltd
Trousers, t shirt and waistcoat for Russell Brand and 'Britania' costume for Susan Bullock
Kylie Minogue
C/o Stevie Stewart 2012
Tour outfits - dress, waistcoat/trouser suits, fur coat for Michael McIntyre Christmas show
The Fabulettes
C/o Stevie Stewart 2012
Various sequin stage dresses, coats & jackets
Kylie Aphrodite tour
C/o Stevie Stewart 2011
Tour dancer costumes
Kylie Minogue
C/o Stevie Stewart 2011
Sparkle perfume dresses for Kylie
Jeff Beck
Deuce Music 2011
Tour waistcoats, trousers and Gene Vincent Shirt
Peter Gabriel
Real World Tour 2011
Black tour trousers
Whipsnade Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo 2011
Children's 1950's Zoo keeper costumes
C/o Stevie Stewart 2010
White leather stage jacket
Kylie Minogue
C/o Stevie Stewart 2010
Gold dress and white leather body suit
Jeff Beck
Deuce music 2010
Various stage waistcoats and Gene Vincent inspired waistcoat and trousers
Polly Rae Cabaret
C/o Stevie Stewart 2010
Kimonos, sequin top and naughty nuns
Jeff Beck
C/o Diana Mosely 2009
Tour waistcoats
Britney Spears
C/o Stevie Stewart 2009
Tour dancer outfits, blouse and satin dress for Britney
Michael Clark Dance Company
C/o Stevie Stewart 2009
'Swamp' and 'Bowie' inspired dance outfits
Kylie Minogue
10 Minute touring Company 2008
Male and female tour dancer kimono outfits. Male dancer tailcoats
The Puppinni Sisters
C/o Kate Forbes 2007
Cocktail dresses, 1940s style suits
Bernida Carlisle
C/o Loraine Kinman 2006
1950's navy grosgrain suit
Sir Paul McCartney
Live 8 2005
Sgt Pepper costumes for Sir Paul McCartney's opening song
Paul McCartney
MPL Ltd 2004
Dancer tour costumes
Kylie Minogue Outfits for T.O.T.P , G.A.Y , Party in the Park, Ibiza concert , ' Spinning around' single cover outfit
Wyclef Cream three piece suit
The Cure Spanish ruffle-front shirts
Annie Lennox Tail coat & long-haired winter coat
Sparks Stage outfits
Marilyn Monroe lookalike Pink 'diamonds' dress, white 'seven year itch' dress, chiffon 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' dress, gold pleated dress
Elvis Lookalikes Various 'Vegas' jumpsuits; Gold lame suits

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Recent Commercials include

EE mobile phones Tuxedo suit for Kevin Bacon
After Eight Mints Marilyn Monroe dress copy
Archer's Peach Schnapps 1890s cream 'bustle' suit, sequin all-in-one outfit
Bacardi Bunny girl suits
Birdseye Fish Fingers Captain birds eye jacket
British Airways U.S & British spacesuits
Channel 4 Kagools for Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall and Gordon Ramsey
Channel 4 + 1 Chinese kimono suit for Sarah Beeny
Doritos Indian air stewardess uniforms
Gillette 'Naughty nurse' outfits
Go Compare 1930's gowns
Littlewoods Trinny and Susannah cat suits
London Energy Hippie embroidered waistcoats
London Underground Church capes and wizard's outfit
Lotto Billy Conolly gold thong and cycling outfit
Magic FM Jacket for cat, bikini for dog,
Marks and Spencer Outfits for Emma Bunton, Will Young
Mercedes 1930's silver lamé dress
National Lottery Purple coat for Faye Riply
Selfridges 'Santa' sheepskin coat
Skittles Multicoloured zoot suits, waistcoats and spats & lady's 40's style suit
Smirnoff Medieval horse coats
Surf Silk suit for Pauline Quirk
Tesco Aprons and negligee for Prunella Scales
Virgin Atlantic Red flight attendant suits for 25 yr anniversary
Virgin Atlantic 2010 Red Air hostess suits
Walkers Crisps Gary Lineker 'school mistress' outfit, chaps, spacesuits & football shirts, Tara Palmer Tomkinson corset and dresses
Whirlpool 'Water & fire goddess' dresses
Wrangler Cowboy shirt

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Private Commissions

Numerous contemporary and period inspired wedding dresses, evening gowns, and daywear separates. In particular many 1940s and 50s outfits, including cowboy/ western shirts, trousers, suits and jeans, Zoot suits, 40s military suits, civilian dresses and separates, couture evening wear , men's 50s casual, 'Hollywood', 'Ricardo', and box jackets.

Costume Designer Clients include:

Louise Allen
Claire Anderson
Steve Ball
Yves Barre
Jenni Bolton
Mark Bouman
Consolata Boyle
Lez Brotherston
Sarah Burns
Ameena Kara Callender
Suzanne Cave
Liz Da Costa
Odile Dicks-Mireaux
Fotini Dimou
Hugh Durrant
Ros Ebbutt
Jane Field
Frank Gallacher
Kim Grossman
Rosie Hackett
Rebecca Hale
Simon Higlett
Ralph Holes
Lynn Horrie
James Keast
Anna Laflin
John Lindlar
Christopher Marlowe
Katy McPhee
Diana Moseley
Conor Murphy
Hayley Nebauer
June Nevin
Jackie Parry
Carlo Manzi Rentals
Mary Jane Reyner
Emma Ryott
Sammy Sheldon
Isolde Sommerfeldt
Stevie Stewart
Jill Taylor
Sue Thomson
Charlotte Walter
Contemporary Wardrobe
Janty Yates